Rogoznica is a typical small Mediterranean town, which lies partly on the mainland and partly on a small inlet. Such terrain is responsible for Rogoznica’s large coastline, being over 50 kilometers in length, and having dozens of islets and bays with pebble and stone beaches. Local promenades lead through forests of pine tree, and traditional stone houses of Dalmatia provide a beautiful sight and scenery for lovely photographs. People interested in history can visit several Churches dating from 17th century, or submerge in scuba diving exploration of shipwreck Ninucin, Italian warship destroyed by British Navy in World War II. For nature lovers there is Milina cave and a nearby lake called Zmajevo Oko (Dragon’s Eye), which is connected to the sea and sometimes boils due to certain chemical reactions, fueling the local tales of mystical reptile dwelling on its bottom. As located in the centre of Dalmatia it has a very interesting site from geographical point of view. It is the most protruding part of Croatian coast towards Adriatic Sea, and also counts as a border between northern and southern Adriatic climate spheres. With its location Rogoznica represents a perfect location, a great starting point for all excursions in the closer and wider area. When accommodated in Rogoznica, you can make daily trips to all most popular destinations, even to Dubrovnik at south or National Park Plitvice at north. Major cities nearby are Šibenik to the north (35 km) and Split to the south (45 km). The nearest airports are Split (28 km) and Zadar (110 km). Its ideal place for a peaceful and pleasant holiday away from the bustle of the city. Come and see for yourself! :)

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